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A cup of botanical gold.

Whether you’re seeking guidance to inspire your health, looking for all-natural skin and body care, or are simply curious about herbs, Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic is here to serve your plant journey.

We hand craft more than 600 products right here in our Fort Collins shop, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible. Our thoughtful processing methods keep waste to a minimum, helping us all tread lightly on our sacred home planet. In store, we can customize products to fit your needs perfectly, usually following a consultation.

We also stock bulk herbs for making your own botanical preparations at home, and host herb-infused classes from identifying wild edibles to using plant-based dyes.

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We help reveal the source of your symptoms so you can better nourish your health from within.

At Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic, your journey to radiant health is guided by trained herbalists and nutritionists. We view symptoms not as problems to be suppressed, but as messages from your body about how to rebuild wellness.

We recommend booking an herbal consultation if you’re looking for herbs to support a persistent or complex health need that would benefit from personalized insights. 

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Level up your wellness, deepen your connection to the plant world, and forage for new friends in our hands-on classes and workshops.

Herbalism, at its root, is about owning our health, reconnecting with the natural world, and rebuilding community. With plants as our teachers and co-conspirators, we’re learning to trust our instincts and use all of our senses to bring our bodies and the Earth back to wholeness.

Whether you’re interested in turning herbs into salves and extracts, or celebrating the season with a hands-on workshop, we have botanically-inspired offerings to pique your interest.

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Custom formulations

We delight in handcrafting formulas for our customers that match their body - and needs - perfectly. 

Some of the options than can be customized are: teas & tisanes • tinctures • honey-sweetened elixirs and syrups • herb-infused vinegar and oxymels • herbal honey • flower and gem essences • aromatherapy formulas • herbal body oils • salves • body creams • and more

If you already know which herbs you’d like blended together, visit the shop and we can mix them for you. If you don’t know what herbs you’d like to work with you can schedule a consultation with one of our herbalists to help guide you on your plant journey. Simple, less specific issues can often be satisfied with a store visit for a ready-made preparation.

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